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The Murder Game

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1 The Murder Game on Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:12 pm



There are 6 roles in this game, the Murderer, Civilian, Sheriff, Detective, Weapons Dealer, Police officer.
The Murderer kills someone every night the killer makes money doing so, (starts with 2 poison)
The Civilian is... well a civilian they work to get money, (they can buy guns)
The Sheriff picks who they want to kill, (if they kill a civilian the weapons dealer takes the gun away from the sheriff)
The Detective can pick who's room to scan for weapons once every night,
The Weapons Dealer can sell weapons to people who want to buy them they can also make money off the buyers, (if the civilian kills a civilian or the sheriff then the civilian goes to jail)
The Police Officer keeps the people in jail, (the police officer can be killed)
Also if the Murderer kills the police officer that is on duty then the murderer can take the prisoners and make them kill 1 person only for one night. Max players 18. (10 civilians 4 police officers 1 sheriff 1 detective 1 weapons dealer and 1 murderer)
Remember to have fun and murderer pm me "Gamingwho" who you want to kill same with sheriff, detective and if the murderer gets slaves then they have to pm me too.

I will use a randomizer to pick who's who, left overs will be civilians.

Vault Boy Approves! Good luck!

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2 Re: The Murder Game on Sun Apr 09, 2017 3:40 pm


Well... I don't understand this at all. Inquisitive
Also, not to be inquisitive I'm not sure who to pick...

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