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Fallout 4 Tips

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1 Fallout 4 Tips on Sun Mar 20, 2016 12:01 pm


Hello Fellow Wastelanders!

Today I Gamingwho will tell you readers some tips about fallout 4, so lets get started!

Its junk, I mean its good junk.

If your into crafting then get the scrapper perk when scrapping guns, armour and stuff like that you get better supplies that what you would normally get, its good for people that are into making settlements and want some mods.

Keep rollin' keep re rollin' I got its so op!

When fighting a legendary enemy weaken them down to low hp and then quicksave, kill them and if you dont like the item you get from then load the quicksave and repeat untill you get what you want.

Oh ummm, its not my companion just a stray dog!
For some reason a vault dweller from vault 111 says their the lone wanderer but has a dog following them around killing their enemies and find fetching loot for them, lets see what they have to say "Oh its just a stray that likes me, not a companion!"

The hacking life for me is done.

If you have a companion like Nick or Piper around they can do unlock terminals and do locks, Nick does the terminals Piper the picks, if one of them is your companion then if you do a lock or a terminal Nick/Piper likes you more.

Hey... isn't that my armour?

If you leave your power armour out in the open with a fusion core inside it then a raider can get inside it and umm, could kill you with it so thats kinda embarrassing. Also bonus if you have 2 power armours then you could be in one and your companion could too! (think logically though would a super mutant be in power armour? or a dog even!?!)

Remember to post your own tips you know from playing fallout 4 and glitches too! If you have it caught on video even better.

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2 Re: Fallout 4 Tips on Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:32 pm


That might be a really good idea there. Grin

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3 Re: Fallout 4 Tips on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:14 pm


sorrry i dont know what fallout4 is but i'l searrch it up

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4 Re: Fallout 4 Tips on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:14 pm


i just searcheed it up and i thhik this game is so good i thnk

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