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1 READING THE RULES! on Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:56 am


Please take just a minute of your time to read this short list.

   These rules are mostly common sense, but better safe than sorry, right?
   By using these forums, you agree to abide by these rules (and any future variants) and acknowledge that administrators and moderators reserve the right to take administrative action if you are not following these rules, or if they otherwise deem it necessary.

   Note, the rules are subject to change at any time without any notice.

       Post content should be of substance; remember: quality over quantity.

       Leave the moderation to those with authority, it is not the job of the forum users to "mini-mod" each other. Abusing the report system makes it hard for others to do their job efficiently.

       Be who you say you are; do not impersonate others.

       Keep content appropriate for underage users.

       Be nice to people; be courteous to other users, and avoid swearing and sexual content.

       Post in the appropriate sub-forum and follow each sub-forum's individual rules.

       Type in a coherent manner and always speak in the language of the original post.

       Get administrative permission prior to creating an account on a device with your same IP address.

       Gravedigging, double-posting, and quoting the original post should only be done when necessary.

       Only post legal content, and follow standard copyright laws when posting art and media you don't own.

       Do not post content that breaks GamingWho's Terms of Service

       Keep images in your signature and posts a decent size. Signatures should not exceed 300 pixels in height.

   Remember, these rules are standard guidelines, and while not everything is covered, you should use common sense and think before you post.

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